Mountain Ninja Obstacle Classes

Mountain Ninja Obstacle Course Classes

Mountain Ninja Obstacle Course instruction, which is based on the famous “American Ninja Warrior sport” that relies on body-weight strength where both boys and girls participate on the same obstacles using the same apparatus.  Mountain Ninja classes are all about the athlete versus the obstacle unlike other sports where teams and athletes may cheer against each other, this sport is known for its sense of community and support among athletes which focuses on more specialized physical and mental health benefits for kids such as improved functionality, increased flexibility, fine tuned agility, deep core strength and amplified concentration and precision.

All ninjas will start at level 1 and be grouped by age, learning the proper safety techniques and mastering skills before moving up to the next level.  Ninja’s will enjoy such activities as our boulder climbing wall, free hanging cargo net, peg and hand grip boards, salmon ladder, free hanging ropes, 12’ warped wall, numerous swinging apparatus (hanging ladder, unstable bridge, lobster claw, hand flares, beast balls, etc.), angled beam, slanted steps, course rumblers, rocker log, teeter totter, balance beam and more.

Mountain Ninja Levels 1 through 6

  • Class Requirements – Minimum Age 6, Maximum Age 12

Mountain Ninja Teen Classes

  • Class Requirements – Minimum Age 12

Mountain Ninja Adult Classes

  • Class Requirements – Minimum Age 19