Tumbling Classes at Columbine Gymnastic Academy

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Level 1

Class Requirements – Minimum Age 8, Maximum Age 18

Athletes in Level 1 will begin working on Front Walkover, Standing Back Handspring, and Round-­‐off Back Handspring.

  • Forward and backward roll
  • Round-off
  • Handstand
  • Right and left cartwheel
  • Back walk over

Tumbling Level 2

Class Requirements – Minimum Age 8, Maximum Age 18

Level 2 classes will be focused on Standing Back Handspring series, Round-­‐off Handspring series, Toe Touch Back Handspring, and Front Walkover connection to Back Handsprings.  Other skill sets include:

  • Front Walkover
  • Standing Back Handspring
  • Round-­‐off Back Handspring

Tumbling Level 3

Class Requirements – Minimum Age 10, Maximum Age 18

Students in level 3 will be working on Toe Touch to Back Handspring series, Standing Tuck, Round-off Back Handspring Tuck, Standing two Back Handsprings to Tuck, Standing Back Handspring Tuck, Front Tuck, and a level appropriate pass that ends in a tuck.

Required Skills to Enroll in Level 3 include:

  • Standing Back handspring Series
  • Round-off Handspring Series
  • Toe Touch Back Handspring