Youth Gymnastics Classes

Youth Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics Level 1 (Ages 4 & Up)

  • Class Requirements – Minimum Age 4, Maximum Age 10

In Gymnastics Level 1 gymnasts learn the fundamental skills used for vault, bars, floor and beam, including the following:

  • Vault Skills – Skill 1; Stretch jump onto the mat, kick into handstand & fall to flat back.
  • Uneven Bars Skills – Pullover, Cast, Back Hip Circle, Under Swing and Solo Circle Dismount.
  • Floor Skills – Cartwheel, 3/4 Handstand, Forward Roll, Backward Roll and Split Jump with 30 Degree Leg Separation.
  • Beam Skills – Lever, Stretch Jump, Jump to Front Support Mount, Arabesque to 30 Degrees and Cartwheel to 3/4 Handstand Dismount.

Gymnastics Level 2 (Ages 5 & Up)

  • Class Requirements – Minimum Age 5, Maximum Age 11

Gymnastics Level 2 requirements are a little bit more challenging than level 1 requirements and include a cartwheel to side handstand dismount!  Instruction includes the following:

  • Vault 2 – Skills 1; Jump to handstand onto stacked mats at a minimum height of 16″.
  • Beam Skills – Lever, Stretch Jump, Jump to Front Support Mount, Arabesque to 30 Degrees and Cartwheel to Side Handstand Dismount.
  • Uneven Bar Skills – Cast, Pullover, Back Hip Circle, Single Leg Basket Swing, Leg Cut, Mill Circle and Squat onto Pike with Solo Circle or Under Swing Dismount.
  • Floor Skills – Backward Roll, Round-off, Split Jump (60 degree separation), Bridge Back Kick Over, Heel Snap Turn (90 degrees).

Gymnastics Level 3 Pre-Competition (Ages 6 & Up)

  • Class Requirements – Minimum Age 6, Maximum Age 12

Level 3 Pre-Competition requirements include the challenging round-off back handspring as well as the vertical handstand on the beam and the side handstand dismount, as well as the following:

  • Vault – Flat back handstand onto mat stack.
  • Uneven Bars – Single leg squat through, pullover, front hip circle, mill circle or basket swing – single leg, under swing dismount and introduction to the back hip circle.
  • Floor – Handstand forward roll, split jump (90 degree leg separation), handstand – bridge – kick over, split leap (90 degree split), backward roll into push-up position and round-off back handspring.
  • Beam – Straight jump, handstand, split leap (90 degree split), side handstand dismount.